What’s this about?

For a long time it was just me and my dog here, whilst my H worked elsewhere, but sadly my dog died, poisoned (there is a post about that if you want to read it).

His sudden and unexpected loss made life too sad and lonely for me here and so I have now adopted 2 new dogs from the SPA – one a very playful puppy and the other a 3-year-old who so far regresses under the influence of the puppy instead of providing the older calmer presence we’d hoped.  They both provide a lot of fun here.

Originally, Back to Burgundy was about our move into Burgundy from another part of France, and taking on a big renovation project that’s beyond our experience so far, plus gardening, making friends, art, local tourism, wine, food, customs and gossip.

It still will be, but there may well be a lot more about dogs than even I originally intended – losing Jakez underlined how important a dog’s presence was and is.

Please do comment/interact – I’d welcome the contact and perhaps you can give me some good advice for renovation and gardening!

In fact you can even give me ideas for decoration through my pinterest board by joining it – just send me a message either through here or through pinterest so that I can invite you.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog.

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2 thoughts on “What’s this about?

  1. Bettina

    Hello, I’m moving to Cluny at the end of March from Ireland and was looking to try and connect with some English speakers as my French is very minimal at the moment. I’m originally from Chicago. I would be interested in speaking to you a bit more and to see if you have any pointers etc… on life in France and the region. All the best, Bettina


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