Ding Dong the Stink has Gone

By | 12 Aug 2014

washing machine drumI was excited. The neighbourhood was very excited. Their new neighbour was going to have a set of clean clothes and sheets.

It went like clockwork – having discovered that there was existing plumbing in the kitchen for a washing machine so I didn’t need to pay out for a plumber, I’d ordered one and on the due day I got a call at 8am to tell me that they would deliver at 11.30am.

What service, what punctuality! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that level of delivery service. Usually I’m left to wonder when in the 8-6 period they would arrive, if they would arrive at all.

Then as bells of the nearby church chimed 12h00, the time when the sacrosanct lunch break often commenced, I was forced to review that opinion – deliveries were as reassuringly unpredictable here as anywhere else.

As if to show me how wrong I was, at exactly that moment their branded truck pulled up in front of the gates.

There was no sucking of teeth or complaining about the (pre-advised) steps they had to take the machine up, these delivery men were polite and friendly and swiftly attached the necessary hoses and cables, briefly explained the use of the machine whilst selling me a magnetic limescale remover (a bargain – it works for life!), put the machine to work, and then…


The water supply was cut off somewhere. They gamely came to the unlit cellar with me to check the pipe openings, but no joy. I’d have to pay out for a plumber. And wait for a few days before I could use the machine.

Not so excited now.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the plumber to attend: (with me standing away from him and having ensured lots of ventilation in the room) he fixed it in about 20 seconds. Turns out it was just something (limescale probably) clogged up in the in-pipe tap.

The problem with an old, badly kept house is that one automatically assumes that the problem is major.

So I got him to also fix a dripping tap in the cellar whilst he was there – might as well get the most out of the call out.

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