Mardi Gras à la Française

It’s not something I was aware of when I lived in Paris about 30 years ago,  nor over the last few years, which is odd considering Mardi Gras is a French phrase. I did an online search for what Mardi Gras means for French people and according to (which calls itself the official website of France), pancakes are… Read More »

French Barking Dogs

Why do French dogs seem to bark more? Every time we take our dog for a walk (and also when our dog is not with is), we always set off all visible and even non-visible dogs barking.  The ones we can’t see are encouraged to bark by the others who are barking. I don’t know… Read More »

From Field to Garden

I thought it would be interesting to see how our field being transforms into a garden. I’m hoping to take a photo every quarter as I think anything more frequent will not show enough difference.  So it’s a photo per season. I will place them all on this post so that they can be found, and… Read More »