Our First Big Bad Surprise

By | 24 Jan 2015

Flood signsNone of the extra-work-needed discoveries so far had particularly perturbed me, but after more rain following a very cold snap, we found water lying on top of the stone floor in the barn.  Real water, not little beads of damp.

It’s been quite a downer.

It looks as though they were left out in the rain and there are damp spots on the stairs and lobules of water are seeping out of the recently added lime pointing

It’s not about the damage as there isn’t really any… yet.  It’s wondering if this is a fixable job.

A neighbour had told me that the former occupant had been worried when she saw the works, but the neighbour couldn’t visualise what she was referring to.  So I phoned the old lady, who has always been very helpful and well remembers the history of works (perhaps because there were so few).  It’s great to have her around to ask and so willing to talk.  She told me there was a French drain but said they still had problems after it was installed 15-20 years ago, and perhaps it was because the drain only went along the length of the barn but then let the water drain out to the side as there was no municipal rainwater drainage at the time.

It’s also possible that it’s blocked, or perhaps it’s damaged or maybe it was never sufficient.

There is also a well which we took a look at; the water level inside is now about a meter from the top, which is rather high and suggests that the water table is high.  Which makes it even more of a problem.

It’s going to require a lot of investigation, a lot of digging and a lot of money.

Just when I thought we were starting to make headway in getting this part of the barn habitable so that we can work on the main house.

[Coughs] ‘Moneypit.’

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