Je Suis Charlie

By | 8 Jan 2015

Je_suis_Charlie_svgI’ve been in two minds whether to post on this subject or not.  I had another post ready after a blog break of over a week, but in the current climate it seems so frivolous.  On the other hand I don’t want it to seem as though I’m using this tragedy as a way to post, as this is a blog about my life, not about politics or events in France.

But I’ve finally settled on the side of how can someone blogging about living in France not write about?  It is touching everyone here.  However, I’m not going to fully go into what has already been seen on the news worldwide,  I’m going to try to keep to the theme of my blog, so…

…Even in our little village people were putting candles in their windows, after a message somehow got around to do this as a sign of solidarity.

At a class I went to today some of them were talking about joining a vigil in town.  There have been peaceful gatherings in many towns in our area, and the whole of the country, by way of homage to all those killed in this incident.  The regional newspaper is posting photos on their website that have been sent in by the public of the tributes they have made or assisted at.

These are all fabulous ways to demonstrate the unified condemnation of the public, of all faiths, of this act.  However, my favourite responses are the ones by cartoonists.  Some portray strong messages with drawings alone, or with the addition of few words, and some even manage to include some humour, which not only must have been difficult but is a great way to pay homage.  See some of the cartoon responses here (my favourite one so far is no.18):

Unfortunately, there have also been some attacks on mosques in France.  Not in our region as far as I’m aware, but that’s obviously not a good outcome either.

To be seen if this has long lasting repercussions.  Which way will cartoonists and papers go?  Or will it be status quo after a few months?

UPDATE after the events that since unfolded over the following days:  Thoughts go out to the family and friends of all those murdered over the past few days in France, and thoughts also for those who have to live with this sort of menace every day simply because they want to educate themselves or simply for living and holding a different belief.  The majority of people in France showed a great example of how countries should react to this terrorism.

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  1. M21230

    I had the same misgivings about writing about this, but ended up sending something to my local paper back home after our “manif” in Arnay le Duc. You got the solidarity just right. Bizarre times here.


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