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Fête des Voisins

About a month after we bought the house, the area’s neighbourhood lunch was fortuitously to be held.  They call it a Fête des Voisins, which is like a street party.  I think there is even an official day for this Fête but people have them at any time, although not more than once a year. It… Read More »

The Birds and the Bees…and Dogs

I was granted a few of days of moderate sun after my arrival with the furniture, I had found an insect cemetery by a window in one of the rooms I was to live in, and I thought it was probably due to something that had been left on the floor previously. Over the next few days more wasps, as I thought them, arrived… Read More »

Of Dogs and Dust Mites (Arrival Part 2)

Arriving 8 days after the sale, I collected main set of keys and was also handed a rectangular tin box full of  small, large and enormous keys that would presumably open doors to the other gates, dépendances and perhaps internal doors. On trying those keys out there were many that were completely unidentifiable, and some that seemed to fit locks but still didn’t open… Read More »

Why I Am Here

At a stage of life when one prefers and should be in comfort, I find myself in Burgundy, away from my husband, with only a dog for company, camping out in a property that needs everything restored, and much added and updated. What did I do to deserve it?    I don’t know, but I must… Read More »