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La Canicule – our heatwave

I thought it was hot about a month ago, but that was nothing compared to the temperatures now I don’t have an outside thermometer, but my phone app said the temperature last night was still 28C at 23h00. No wonder most of us are having problems sleeping. There was a little breeze yesterday evening, but… Read More »

Je Suis Charlie

I’ve been in two minds whether to post on this subject or not.  I had another post ready after a blog break of over a week, but in the current climate it seems so frivolous.  On the other hand I don’t want it to seem as though I’m using this tragedy as a way to post, as this… Read More »

More Bad Weather and Algae

Although there were some fantastically hot and dry days earlier, it has been raining off and on since the weather turned, accompanied by high winds. The shutters outside the windows are working themselves loose and banging into the windows.  I could close them but then the house would be in darkness. I hear lots of bangs and see the… Read More »

Ding Dong the Stink has Gone

I was excited. The neighbourhood was very excited. Their new neighbour was going to have a set of clean clothes and sheets. It went like clockwork – having discovered that there was existing plumbing in the kitchen for a washing machine so I didn’t need to pay out for a plumber, I’d ordered one and… Read More »

Dog Nights, and Bites

Unlike my sketch here of our dog in deep slumber (looking like a hairy piglet, but his hind legs do resemble one), I had a bad night of sleep mostly due to him. This was during the height of the bee invasion. I was putting out the rubbish bins for next morning collection when the dog darted out of the gate… Read More »