Beaune Nights – Video Clips

By | 2 Oct 2014

This is a belated post, as many currently are.

During August there were some free events and attractions on in Beaune: a couple of live music events in the Place Carnot and some artistic light displays on some of the ancient buildings.

I went to one of the live music events, even though I was on my own, as it was a really sunny and warm day. I’d been out in the garden most of the day and sitting alone with the dog for the evening didn’t seem a good way to finish it when there was something going on nearby.  It would have given that childish feeling of being left out.

Once there, I quickly got over my embarrassment at being alone: the place had a good ambience.  Although I then realised I could have brought the dog which would have not only helped me be at ease straight away but would have pleased the dog too (who was being left out).  Next time…maybe – he still tends to get over excited and lurch any time any dog, child, person with food, friendly looking person, or unfriendly looking person passes by.

Another evening, H was here and we went to see the light displays.  Unsure what to expect, they turned out to be great.  Following are a couple of rough video clips of them – I’ve added the music as they seem better with audio that is not the ambient chatter or sound of cars passing.  Enjoy and see them in person another year!



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