Bastille Day around Beaune – yes more firework photos

By | 22 Jul 2015

Mairie de Meursault Bastille DayWe’ve been out for yet more fireworks, and back to Meursault again.

Perhaps so as not to compete, or perhaps to prolong festivities, the Meursault fireworks for Bastille Day are held on 13th July (and it seems that many people also have their main celebration on 13th evening as they don’t have to get up for work the next day).

It was a hot summer evening of this prolonged canicule (that I’m now finding too much), making it feel as though we were on holiday in the south of France.

The fireworks display was in the town centre, in a relatively small place in front of the Mairie, surrounded by a busy crowd and buildings.

People living around the square opened their windows or stepped out on to their balconies, having the best seats in the place with no need to go anywhere else.

There were restaurants with tables on the streets around the place – they too having pole positions.


Mairie de Meursault with fireworks

…we were all so close it not only hurt the neck a bit to keep looking straight up overhead but there was fallout from the burnt fireworks and we and people around were frequently shaking our heads to get the bits out.

Most of those bits were thankfully already burnt out, but sometimes embers would fall to the ground, so you always had to check.

It was a good display and it prettily lit up the Mairie’s typically Burgundian roof (with light, thankfully not on fire!)  with about 3 moments in the finale when we thought it was all over but it wasn’t quite, but the music accompanying was bizarre – I can’t really describe it better than that, it did nothing to accompany the display and didn’t work on its own either.

The next fireworks we went to were in Beaune, which are held by the Lac de Gigny.  This had quite a different feel to it.  It’s a bigger display and as it was on the banks for the lake, everyone was sat or lying down to watch it.  The music here was a better, although not great, and must have been a very old, specially-made-for-them track they brought out every year, sounding as if it had been recorded from a tape deck, and not nearly as clear as the preceding pop music played.

The finalé in Beaune was fairly spectacular.

From where we were seated we didn’t see the reflections on the lake.  It’s one of those times where you need to have been there before to work out the best spots.  There were few lights there, so having your own torch is a good idea if you’re on the edge or trying to take a short cut back to the car as we did.

I understand there is a good display in Ladoix Serrigny too, which we’ll try next year, also booking up a local restaurant.

Most of the displays say they start at 22h30, but they usually start between 22h45 and 23h00.


I like a good firework display and would be quite happy to pop down to the coast in August to see the Saturday night fireworks that are usually held in the holiday spots.  Bit of a long way just for fireworks, so we’d have to stay overnight of course, and perhaps enjoy the following full day by the sea and then it would too late to return, so stay another night…

Maybe that’s how I’ll sell it to H, who, after 3 displays in 6 days, is firework’d out, having seen enough to last him the whole year and perhaps more.

Mairie de Meursault lit by fireworks

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