More Bad Weather and Algae

By | 14 Aug 2014

algaeAlthough there were some fantastically hot and dry days earlier, it has been raining off and on since the weather turned, accompanied by high winds.

The shutters outside the windows are working themselves loose and banging into the windows.  I could close them but then the house would be in darkness.

I hear lots of bangs and see the trees swaying heavily and hope that they’re all sufficiently well rooted not to fall on any building.

Weirdly, the wind and rain also brought a gelatinous algae (pictured).  It looks rather like seaweed, but we’re a long way from the sea, and it’s all over the courtyard.  How does that happen?

As it’s still fairly warm and there is some sunshine between the cloud bursts, it is also prime weed growing weather.  The courtyard is full of them between the gravel, and in the field/garden part they have multiplied and grown to astonishing height.

I’ve spent several days uprooting only a portion of them but it’s rather a losing battle and the work frequently gets rained off, which also makes them grow all the more.

Our unsheltered Mirabelle tree has lost most of its fruit after all the winds and heavy rain.  The photo below shows the small amount left that I was able to pick from it.


Not much to do anything with and, as it’s a bit early for them, they don’t have a lot of taste, but better than let the weather destroy them.

On the rainy days, I open the door for the dog to go out but he sniffs the air from the shelter of the inside and quickly about-turns to ensure I don’t push him out and close the door .  I try walking away from the open door to allow him to think it over, but it’s still a no go.  So I fetch his lead to take him out for a walk.  Then he’s not only happy to brave the elements but really enjoying it; as long as he has company.  No chance for me to have a lazy (and dry) day.

Maybe we’ll have to get another dog to keep him company and they would both let themselves out.   I can sense that reasoning coming back to figuratively bite me though: the second dog will take on the same habits and they’ll both want me to go out with them.  I think I’ll just keep up with the exercise.

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