Builder Problems in France

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been busy with builder problems this year on our renovation. Talking to other people, I’ve discovered that many, many people have, or have had, problems with builders.  It seems par for the course and with just a tiny prompt their stories tumble out.  It’s the same everywhere,… Read More »

It’s a Brexit

The last few months I’ve been too involved with dealing with building works and its huge problems, that are still continuing, to have time to post, but this subject couldn’t be passed over. I didn’t want to make any political or other similar articles on this blog but this is such a significant outcome that… Read More »

It’s Christmas 2015 – Bah Humbug!

The lead-up to Christmas has not been particularly festive for me. This is mostly due to our renovation works overrunning and trying to work up some sense of urgency in, and juggling timings of, various builders, deliveries, phone and internet services, utilities suppliers and gas certifications.  The snagging list has been long.  Little has gone… Read More »

La Canicule – our heatwave

I thought it was hot about a month ago, but that was nothing compared to the temperatures now I don’t have an outside thermometer, but my phone app said the temperature last night was still 28C at 23h00. No wonder most of us are having problems sleeping. There was a little breeze yesterday evening, but… Read More »